Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growing... growing...

Here are some views of Zoë on her first day of school in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. Our house here in Nova Scotia has a layout similar to our house back home, and a spot in it for the traditional first day of school picture.

Kindergarten (which is called Primary here in Canada):

First grade:

Grade Two (as it's called here):

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  1. Bestest and biggest congratulations to Zoë on starting second grade! I love the fairy on Zoë's butt picture. Please give her our love and tell her that every picture of her that you've sent us in the mail is up on our refrigerator and we are, in a weird way, watching her grow up.
    I think about you a lot. I've wondered if you've yet started the job-that-whisked-you-away-from NY. Yep. Things like that, but I'm a crappy correspondent. It's deep love with bad follow through.

    Thanks for doing the blog. I'm sure it feeds something inside you, but it is convenient for your crappy long distance friends to keep up with what you are doing, even if you have to remind us to look your way.

    Ever faithfully your first mate,