Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aug 15: Back to Canada

The desk clerk at the motel says, of me and Denise, "You two must be sisters."

"No, just friends for a long time. Why, do we look alike?"

He tells me we do. I don't see it, although we both have dark hair.

Denise heads south and I head north. Back to Woodstock, NB, where the guy at Canadian Customs essentially waves me through.

Listening to CBC radio after I lose the NPR signal. The Canadians are obsessed with lightning this week, because some people were struck by lightning in Toronto or something on Monday. Don't people get struck by lightning all the time? I learn a LOT about lightning on the CBC.

I get home in the afternoon. It is HOT here. We were not expecting hot, and didn't bring any fans. Rob still hates it here. Zoƫ is having fun. The cats are settling in.

The kitchen is WAY too small. I suspect the homeowner is not someone who cooks. I never liked my kitchen at home, but at least it was roomy.

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  1. yikes! it can only get better...
    miss you and hope you're going to love it up there,