Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A grey, cold day, but we went to the beach anyway.

We went exploring around Dartmouth and Cole Harbour today. I saw a promising sounding road called Cow Bay Road on a map, so we headed southeast.

First, we came across Silver Sands Beach Park, where there's a giant moose for some reason.

Right across the little parking area from the moose, someone is building a huge, ugly, Italianate McMansion. Gorgeous views, however. And a windmill that was whipping around like crazy in the wind.

Silver Sands beach isn't much of a beach, and there's about a one inch strip of sand on it. Mostly, it was a lot of cool rocks and TONS of seaweed.

Maybe Hurricane Bill brought all the seaweed up. We found a few shells and rocks, and I picked up a nice driftwood stick of the sort that I like.

There were mountains of seaweed, at least 5 feet high in places.

There was also a nice pond nearby, surrounded by marshes. I'll bet there's good birdwatching there. I'm going to take Zoë back for the fall migration.

Next, Cow Bay Road took us to a really nice, sandy beach called Rainbow Haven Beach. It had restrooms! Or as they like to call them here, "washrooms." There was a warning about arsenic in the water, so we didn't partake.

The beach was cold and windy, but Zoë could not resist the water.

Which caused her to squeal, run away, run back, squeal some more, run away, etc.

A good time was had by all.

More seaweed.

Some days are better than others if you're a lifeguard. This one looked pretty cold.

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